The Healing Art enduring a century and a half

What Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery Does?

The first visit to Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery includes an assessment of your overall condition. You will be asked a great many questions about the symptoms of your illness and what affects them, your medical history, your appetite, food likes and dislikes, thirst, sweat, stool, urine, sleep, dreams, weather changes, sexual sphere, your emotional state and regularity of your bodily functions. To women, some questions concerning their menstrual flow, menopause, or any other discharges will be asked. Some questions concerning your occupation, recreational activities and emotional state are aimed at determining to which constitutional type you most closely match. Complete secrecy regarding the details of the patient is assured.

Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery will prescribe a remedy and also advise you on changes to be made in your life style and diet.

At second visit particularly where constitutional treatment is being used, he will interpret your response to the remedy and decide how to continue treatment.

The time for a consultation varies, but a minimum of 15 minutes (ideally half an hour) is recommended for the first consultation.Subsequent consultations usually last for 3-5 minutes. The No. of visits you have depends on how serious your condition is and how long you have been ill. Medicines used for treatment are of Dr.Willmar Schwabe Germany,Hapco-Calcutta,SBL.Ltd collaboration of Boiron France etc..Case analysis used by computer software-RADAR-VITHOULKAS EXPERT SYSTEM from Belgium

Special Treatment for

Headaches, Hydrocephalus, Eruptions of head, Hair falling, Vertigo, Styes, Diplopia, conjuctivities, Discharges from eyes, ears, nose, roaring in ears, epistasis, bleeding from nose, chronic coryza, sinusitis, chronic sniffles and sneezing, eruption of face, discoloration, offensive breath, ulcers of mouth, bleeding gums, delayed and difficult dentition, toothache, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, constant hawking, chronic roughness of throat, loss of appetite, vomiting, chronic colic, flatulence, eruptions of rectum, prolapsus, chronic constipation, diarrhoea, gall stones, haemorrhoids (Piles), Jaundice, hepatitis A,B,C&D,Bed wetting, Kidney Bladder-stone, Diabetes insipidus, UTI, Sedimentation of Urine, sexual debility impotence, STD, AIDS, Leukorrhea, Menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea, Painful menses, profuse menses, Recurrent abortion, Painful coition, Palpitation of heart, Hyper and Hypotension, vericose veins, Back pain, Joint pain, Rheumatism, Asthma, Allergy, Chronic Cough, Eczema, Leucoderma, Herpes, psoriases, pruritus, purpura, scabies, pigmentation of skin, Ulcers, Urticaria, Warts whitlow, Fevers, Influenza, Increased sleep drowsiness, Insomnia (sleeplessness), Restless sleep, General weakness, Chorea, Goitre, Nervousness, Neurasthenia, Sciatica, Abscess, Anaemia, Cancer, Glands, Injuries, Marasmus, Obesity, Tumours, Childrens disease,ITP,etc,etc.

Vallabhassery Home[o] Medicine Kit

  • VHMK No: 1 – For fever, cough, cold, coryza when started.
  • VHMK No: 2 – For debilitating fever, chilliness, with desire for hot water, associated with cough, breathing difficulty, one day after fever started.
  • VHMK No: 3 – For pain in ear, throat, tonsillitis, with or without fever.
  • VHMK No: 4 – For fever without thirst, urinary tract infections ( UTI ), pus in urine, loss of appetite, desire for open air, thick yellow nasal discharges, sniffles .
  • VHMK No: 5 – For loose stools ( diaohorriea ), flatulence, indigestion, vomiting, with or without fever with great chillness, wants thick blankets.
  • VHMK No: 6 – For high fever 103 -104F while taking other homeo medicines, if fever runs very high take 4-5 pills dissolve in one spoon water and drink whole at a time, then continue the medicine which was taken earlier as instructed. If after 4-5 hours fever does not come to 100 – 101F again take 4-5 pills.
  • VHMK No: 7 – For injures, head hit due to children’s common falls when running or jumping or slight injuries when riding bicycles. Take 4 pills three times a day for two days.
  • VHMK No: 8 – For worm troubles, take 4 pills three times a day for two days every month.
  • VHMK No: 9 – For minor burns, take Topi Cantharis ointment and apply on the burned part.
  • VHMK No: 10 – For minor cuts or wounds, take Topi Heal ointment to a dressing cloth and bind it with another dressing cloth or a plaster. Clean the wound every day and repeat the same process for 3 -4 days

How to take medicine :

VHMK No: 1 to 5 take 4-5 pills dissolve in 1/2 glass of boiled and then cooled water or distilled water, with through clockwise string, according to intensity of illness take one spoon two hourly or three hourly for 24 hours. No need to take medicine while sleeping. Take 3 associated pills along with it three times a day for 2-4 days. If illness continue even after 48 hours call me or consult a physician

Common instructions :

While taking medicines avoid coffee, salted fish, highly seasoned food etc., don’t take medicines 1/2 hour before after food, don’t wash hair when suffering from cold coryza, fever, cough, throat pain, eye-ear infections, drink plenty of water little quantity in short intervals when loose stools or vomiting occur. If vomiting is sever avoid drinking and eating atleast for 2 hours. Drink one or two sips of glucose salt mixture ( take 2 table spoon glucose, one pinch salt mix with 1 glass of boiled and then cooled water or distilled water 120 ml ) every 10 – 15 minutes intervel. If large quantity is drunk it may vomit after the water get warmed in stomach.

In case of doubts please e-mail: or call + 91-481-2301473 between 9:30 am & 5:00 pm IST