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Dr Binoy is very patient and quick in responding to patient’s needs. He is very affordable and efficient in shipping medicines especially to patients abroad which Homeopathic treatments are very expensive and very hard to find well experienced practitioners. He is approachable through emails or by phone even though he has a very busy schedule with clinic and teaching. I would highly recommend him to my friends and families.

Great Experience with Dr Binoy Vallabhassery, I feel that I can drop my guard and trust the advice that I’m getting.

Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery has been treating me and my family for all seasonal flu’s for the last 20+ years. Before I knew him, I used to go to modern medicine doctors every time I had a cold or cough and was prescribed antibiotics, now I realize those were almost always unnecessary. Sometimes I developed allergic reactions to medicines, and the doctor will prescribe another strong medicine that always made me weak. My immunity was so low I used to get every cold and cough anyone around me had and it took a long time to recover. But once I started seeing Dr.Binoy my recovery was quick and my immunity also got a lot better because I was not pumping unnecessary medicines into my system. These days I get a cold at most once a year, even then it doesn’t get severe. And if it does, I know where to find the doctor! I also appreciate how inexpensive homoepathy is compared to modern medicine. Very affordable and effective and almost no side effects.

I recommend because my daughter was treated for her skin ailement, the skin is fully healed. Thanks Dr Binoy Vallabhassery.

I am very happy to write a review about this wonderful and very knowledgeable doctor I have seen in my life. He has lot of patience with people. And his approach is very simple and straightforward. I like the way he explains about the diagnosis and remedies. In last two months me and my son were following his prescription and I can say he is the best doctor in homeopathy. I seen a lot of homeopaths in last few years but all the time having lot of issues with follow up, but with Dr.Binoy is very well responds to my emails. I am almost cured my severe acid reflux. This review is not fake, I am helping these kid of doctors do wonders for many more people in future. God bless him and his family with everything. We are very much happy to follow his guidance for my son and he is special needs kid.
8 months ago-

Excellent Doctor

Dear Dr. Binoy

If you recall, you have prescribed for me remotely at the beginning of this year, for which I thank you.

As it happens, I will be arriving in Kerala at the beginning of August, and I will be staying in Kerala until Jan 2007. As I know that you are based in Kottayam, I would like to come and visit you at your clinic and express my gratitude in person.

Please let me know if this is agreeable to you, and please indicate a time of the month when it would be OK for me to visit you at your clinic. I will be arriving in Trivandrum on the 4th of August, and I will probably need around a week to adjust to the new timezone.

I look forward to meeting you.
Best regards

Dear Dr. Binoy

The remedy picture for Staphisagria which you sent is an uncanny match for me. I salute the level of insight with which you were able to match this remedy to the relatively few answers I gave in the online form. It’s quite amazing, actually.

I do think that you have made a real discovery for me. I congratulate and thank you for your excellent homeopathic investigation and synthesization. Just reading the remedy picture has given me much, a level of self-understanding I did not have before.

Thank you again.
With great respect,

Hello Dr. Binoy,
Glad to hear from you, what a remarkable man you are,
God Bless all your efforts on Earth and you are God’s gift to the world!!
There should be more doctors like YOU in the WORLD, the WORLD would be a BETTER place to PRACTICE GOD’S PLANTS…. You make the world such a WONDERFUL PLACE AND PEOPLE MUST PRAISE YOUR KIND AND GODLY BLESSINGS,

My pleasure,
I have always appreciated your input in the lists, so I know I will learn a lot from, even though I am more of the lurking type………..

Dear Doctor Binoy Vallabhassery,
Thank you very much for your kind attention. I am the daughter of Nada Girzik and she thanks you very much. The picture of Calcarea Carbonica suits her very well, excellently that is. Thank you, Dr. Binoy. Since I was the one who did the translation for her, she asked me to send you my submission too. I really do not know what else to say but a big thank you for doing this. Doctor Binoy, thank you.

Dear Doctor Binoy,
I am amazed! The Staphisagria picture fits me in each and every aspect, like a glove! I cannot believe my eyes!
I am a bit worried about my diabetes though, and I shall check my blood as you suggested on Monday. I shall let you know of the results immediately. I really cannot thank you well enough, not to mention that I was astounded reading my sole and my entire being in the Staphisagria picture. Unbelievable! How on earth do you do that !?!?
Dear Dr. Binoy, thank you. My mother sends you her warmest regards and I do too.

Dear Dr Binoy
Many thanks for your recommendation.
Please let me know if at any point I can return you the favour and the kindness.
All the best

You have got me down pretty good especially for the siatica on left side and the pain in left ovary although I never thought of it before.
Don’t worry about the “late” answer, just grateful to have some answer!!!!!!!!!
Many Many thanks, just a coincidence but I am reading “A Fine Balance” do you know it??? It is about India.
If you would be so kind as to send detailed drug picture of it and also an idea of a substitution in case I don’t have Lachesis or cant get it.
How can I repay you!!!

Thanks for the immediate response and very fortunately she decided to call it a day and we were glad to see the diaper loaded in the evening.

Dearest Dr. Binoy,
I have got some really good news for you.
When I had written to you I was really bad, I had those awful attacks from morning to night. Anyway, AS SOON AS I took my remedy the attacks STOPPED. (I still cannot believe that this is possible!) I could not write to you earlier to thank you because I only got my computer back today. I do not have those awful headaches anymore, and strange things have been happening. Before I was very prone to bruises. A couple of days ago I fell really badly and I was bruised only a little bit and the bruise disappeared soon, while otherwise I would have carried the ugly bruise around for weeks. All in all, I FEEL good, I am quite happy and satisfied. The only thing that scares me is – what shall I do if those awful attacks return? Please tell me something to reassure me.
Dear Dr. Binoy, thank you very, very much.
My mother says she has no more pains.

Everything else was very precise, i was surprised but that is what differed.
take Care,

Dear Doctor,
thanks for your mail.the symptoms match in about 60-70%.the patient also is said to be a case of osteoporosis with severe back ache.please advise dose.

I am very sorry this letter of mine is so low spirited, you deserve much better – because really, truly and honestly the improvement in my entire health and well-being is ENORMOUS. Thank you.

Dearest Dr. Binoy,
How are you? I have got some good news for you and some not so good. I shall start with myself as there’s not much to say. I’ve been very well. The last time I wrote to you was the last day I had those panic attacks.
Thank God and You.
Thank you very, very much and best regards,

Dearest Dr. Binoy,
My mum’s O.K.
I am O.K.
Regards and the best of wishes,

Dearest Dr. Binoy, Happy Easter.
My son has not yet recovered from the symptoms I told you about in my last letter to you. The gland on the right side of his throat has “sunk in” but we can still feel it. His nose is full of mucus (in the morning it is thick and yellow and during the day it is transparent and copious), he is sneezing occasionally and this morning he has started coughing. What do you think? My mother: two months have passed since her dose of Calcarea Carbonica 10 M, and she is asking whether she needs to repeat it. Her urine is OK, and she says that her hips hurt her less (her koxarthrosis). She would like to know when she can take another dose because she feels that you and homeopathy have helped her.
I am O.K.
Thank you very much.
Regards and best wishes

Dear Dr. Vallabhaserry,
Thank you very much for your immediate response. Your advice is very valuable and we will start to give him Sulphur. Ranjit is 10 years old. We are very worried about Ranjit and we really appreciate your help. Thank you again for your most valuable advice.
With Best Regards,

Oh! What a prompt reply !!.
Shall get back with feedback as early as possible.

Great information, Dr.!
I am living proof that one can indeed make the necessary changes without having to have surgery for blocked bile duct/gallstones. My allo-doctor (a specialist) at that time wanted to perform surgery, but we had a falling out and he never got his hands (in) me. {whew}. I am not saying I would deny surgery if faced with the same problem again; the level of pain was intolerable and definitely life-threatening. It was simply not an option for me at the time, however.
Although I was not overweight when I started getting gallstones, my diet needed some big changes. I was putting off the inevitable – completely cutting out ‘fatty’ foods. Now I eat mostly non-fat and some low-fat foods, and am eating 1/2 to 2/3 of my food “raw” (salads, fruit, etc.), along with lots of natural juices. I am also lactose intolerant (so no more dairy). On occasion, I will use lactaid milk products to cook with, but not frequently.
However, I do have ‘genetic’ high cholesterol (between 400-500!). This combined with becoming very ill after an automobile accident (septicemia and osteomyelitis resulting in osteonecrosis of my lower legs and jaw), and the general lack of exercise (due to being bedridden for 4 years), added up to major dietary problems, gallstones included. After one major ‘gallstone’ episode my digestion completely shut down for awhile, it was terrifying (not to mention frustrating!). I went to an excellent Chinese acupuncturist and he gave me herbal teas to drink (along with acupuncture), which got my digestion up and running again.
As I cannot tolerate allopathic anti-cholestemic (sp?) drugs, I have had to make major dietary/lifestyle changes and still do not know for certain that my cholesterol level has dropped at all (nor do I know for certain that my bile duct is unblocked). I am still taking Milk Thistle and Artichoke Extract for my liver and Bromelain (pineapple enzymes) capsules to help with digestion.
I am being treated by a professional homeopath now and we are making steady progress.
Thanks again for the great advice!
Best regards,

Thank you for replying so graciously to sati,
It is very disturbing to hear her being abused by ///
It is so refreshing to know some homoeopaths still have good manners
Kindest Regards,