Verica P.S.

Dearest Dr. Binoy,

I have got some really good news for you. 
When I had written to you I was really bad, I had those awful attacks from morning to night. Anyway, AS SOON AS I took 
my remedy the attacks STOPPED. (I still cannot believe that this is possible!) I could not write to you earlier to thank you 
because I only got my computer back today. I do not have those awful headaches anymore, and strange things have been 
happening. Before I was very prone to bruises. A couple of days ago I fell really badly and I was bruised only a little bit and 
the bruise disappeared soon, while otherwise I would have carried the ugly bruise around for weeks. All in all, I FEEL good, I 
am quite happy and satisfied. The only thing that scares me is – what shall I do if those awful attacks return? Please tell me 
something to reassure me. 
Dear Dr. Binoy, thank you very, very much. 

My mother says she has no more pains.

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