Verica and family

Dearest Dr. Binoy, 
Happy Easter. 
My son has not yet recovered from the symptoms I told you about in my last letter to you. The gland on the right side of his 
throat has “sunk in” but we can still feel it. His nose is full of mucus (in the morning it is thick and yellow and during the day it is 
transparent and copious), he is sneezing occasionally and this morning he has started coughing. What do you think? 
My mother: two months have passed since her dose of Calcarea Carbonica 10 M, and she is asking whether she needs to 
repeat it. Her urine is OK, and she says that her hips hurt her less (her koxarthrosis). She would like to know when she can 
take another dose because she feels that you and homeopathy have helped her. 
I am O.K.

Thank you very much. 
Regards and best wishes 

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