Great information, Dr.! 
I am living proof that one can indeed make the necessary changes without 
having to have surgery for blocked bile duct/gallstones. My allo-doctor (a 
specialist) at that time wanted to perform surgery, but we had a falling out 
and he never got his hands (in) me. {whew}. I am not saying I would deny 
surgery if faced with the same problem again; the level of pain was 
intolerable and definitely life-threatening. It was simply not an option 
for me at the time, however. 
Although I was not overweight when I started getting gallstones, my diet 
needed some big changes. I was putting off the inevitable – completely 
cutting out ‘fatty’ foods. Now I eat mostly non-fat and some low-fat foods, 
and am eating 1/2 to 2/3 of my food “raw” (salads, fruit, etc.), along with 
lots of natural juices. I am also lactose intolerant (so no more dairy). 
On occasion, I will use lactaid milk products to cook with, but not 
However, I do have ‘genetic’ high cholesterol (between 400-500!). This 
combined with becoming very ill after an automobile accident (septicemia and 
osteomyelitis resulting in osteonecrosis of my lower legs and jaw), and the 
general lack of exercise (due to being bedridden for 4 years), added up to 
major dietary problems, gallstones included. After one major ‘gallstone’ 
episode my digestion completely shut down for awhile, it was terrifying (not 
to mention frustrating!). I went to an excellent Chinese acupuncturist and 
he gave me herbal teas to drink (along with acupuncture), which got my 
digestion up and running again. 
As I cannot tolerate allopathic anti-cholestemic (sp?) drugs, I have had to 
make major dietary/lifestyle changes and still do not know for certain that 
my cholesterol level has dropped at all (nor do I know for certain that my 
bile duct is unblocked). I am still taking Milk Thistle and Artichoke 
Extract for my liver and Bromelain (pineapple enzymes) capsules to help with 
I am being treated by a professional homeopath now and we are making steady 
Thanks again for the great advice! 
Best regards, 

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