Mini sudheer

Dr Binoy is very patient and quick in responding to patient’s needs. He is very affordable and efficient in shipping medicines especially to patients abroad which Homeopathic treatments are very expensive and very hard to find well experienced practitioners. He is approachable through emails or by phone even though he has a very busy schedule with clinic and teaching. I would highly recommend him to my friends and families.

Sumit Jain

Great Experience with Dr Binoy Vallabhassery, I feel that I can drop my guard and trust the advice that I’m getting.

s s

Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery has been treating me and my family for all seasonal flu’s for the last 20+ years. Before I knew him, I used to go to modern medicine doctors every time I had a cold or cough and was prescribed antibiotics, now I realize those were almost always unnecessary. Sometimes I developed allergic reactions to medicines, and the doctor will prescribe another strong medicine that always made me weak. My immunity was so low I used to get every cold and cough anyone around me had and it took a long time to recover. But once I started seeing Dr.Binoy my recovery was quick and my immunity also got a lot better because I was not pumping unnecessary medicines into my system. These days I get a cold at most once a year, even then it doesn’t get severe. And if it does, I know where to find the doctor! I also appreciate how inexpensive homoepathy is compared to modern medicine. Very affordable and effective and almost no side effects.

shaiju chacko

I recommend because my daughter was treated for her skin ailement, the skin is fully healed. Thanks Dr Binoy Vallabhassery.

Lakshmi Devi Danda

I am very happy to write a review about this wonderful and very knowledgeable doctor I have seen in my life. He has lot of patience with people. And his approach is very simple and straightforward. I like the way he explains about the diagnosis and remedies. In last two months me and my son were following his prescription and I can say he is the best doctor in homeopathy. I seen a lot of homeopaths in last few years but all the time having lot of issues with follow up, but with Dr.Binoy is very well responds to my emails. I am almost cured my severe acid reflux. This review is not fake, I am helping these kid of doctors do wonders for many more people in future.
God bless him and his family with everything. We are very much happy to follow his guidance for my son and he is special needs kid.

8 months ago-

Soumya prasanth

Highly recommended! Dr. Binoy is highly knowledgeable and patient and helpful. A conveniently located and well appointed clinic with courteous and friendly staff.


Extended hours are great!
“I really appreciate your weekend hours… hours when our regular doctors won’t talk to us or see us, unless we’re in the hospital. Good for you, keep up the good work.”

Teo Viorel Teodorescu 25 Sutcliffe Avenue Milton Keynes MK6 2PE, UK

Dear Dr. Binoy

If you recall, you have prescribed for me remotely at the beginning of this year, for which I thank you.

As it happens, I will be arriving in Kerala at the beginning of August, and I will be staying in Kerala until Jan 2007. As I know that you are based in Kottayam, I would like to come and visit you at your clinic and express my gratitude in person.

Please let me know if this is agreeable to you, and please indicate a time of the month when it would be OK for me to visit you at your clinic. I will be arriving in Trivandrum on the 4th of August, and I will probably need around a week to adjust to the new timezone.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards

Rifat Nafisa 715 E 36th Apt 6 Eugene, OR 97405 USA

Dear Dr Binoy,

The remedy picture for Staphisagria which you sent is an uncanny match for me. I salute the level of insight with which you were able to match this remedy to the relatively few answers I gave in the online form. It’s quite amazing, actually. 
I do think that you have made a real discovery for me. I congratulate and thank you for your excellent homeopathic investigation and synthesization. 
Just reading the remedy picture has given me much, a level of self-understanding I did not have before.

Thank you again. 
With great respect,