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Dr. Binoy Vallabhassery has been treating me and my family for all seasonal flu’s for the last 20+ years. Before I knew him, I used to go to modern medicine doctors every time I had a cold or cough and was prescribed antibiotics, now I realize those were almost always unnecessary. Sometimes I developed allergic reactions to medicines, and the doctor will prescribe another strong medicine that always made me weak. My immunity was so low I used to get every cold and cough anyone around me had and it took a long time to recover. But once I started seeing Dr.Binoy my recovery was quick and my immunity also got a lot better because I was not pumping unnecessary medicines into my system. These days I get a cold at most once a year, even then it doesn’t get severe. And if it does, I know where to find the doctor! I also appreciate how inexpensive homoepathy is compared to modern medicine. Very affordable and effective and almost no side effects.

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